Chairman's message: We are moving to help serve you better

September 18, 2007 - Construction Design & Engineering

Doug Hunter

I am very excited to report that, after over 20 years at One Wall St., the Associated Builders and Contractors and Gould Construction Institute offices will be moving to 200 Wheeler Rd. just about a mile away from ABC's current location. The Wheeler Rd. facility is in a Class A office building located in a great spot with efficient office space, close to major highways, restaurants, and other services for member convenience.
This move is a step forward, enhancing the atmosphere and reputation of ABC. The 200 Wheeler Rd. building is a newer facility with a modern facade. I am excited about this move for several reasons, not least of all is that the Gould Institute will have adequate classroom space to provide for its students. With our new long term lease, ABC will have a sense of permanency. We intend to be settled in time for the annual holiday party/open house.
Arthur Gutierrez, the owner of 1 Wall St. and 200 Wheeler Rd., has been very accommodating and has been working with us to make this transition as easy as possible. We are outlining the new design to meet our needs rather than inheriting the plans of the former occupants. At a time when office space is highly coveted in Burlington, ABC will be able to remain in the community in which it put down roots so long ago.
We have several plans in the works by which our members will be able to participate in helping fund the moving costs of our new home. One of the ideas being discussed will be naming rights for both the GCI Training room and the new improved ABC conference room. We are also exploring the possibility of selling bricks to build a "Wall of Fame" in our new lobby. Keep an eye out for information on how you or your company can participate.
I look forward to celebrating our "new digs" at the holiday open house! In the coming weeks, you will be sent an invitation to our reception scheduled for December 6th. Please take this opportunity to stop in and see the space, enjoy some holiday cheer with the staff and the board of directors and most importantly spend time with other members of our GREAT organization.

Doug Hunter is the chairman of the Associated Builders and Contractors-Mass. chapter, Burlington.


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