City Realty Group helps Oak Square YMCA feed people in the need during COVID-19 shutdown

July 24, 2020 - Front Section
City Realty Group real estate development director Josh Fetterman outside the Corrib Pub
in Brighton Center, after purchasing gift cards to be donated to the Oak Square
YMCA to provide meals for people in need in Allston-Brighton.

Brighton, MA City Realty Group, a community-focused real estate development company, is helping Oak Square YMCA feed people in need throughout Allston-Brighton during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also helping a venerable local restaurant. City Realty purchased $1,000 in gift cards from the Corrib Pub and provided them to Oak Square YMCA for distribution to individuals and families who may be struggling due to loss of income. 

Oak Square YMCA has been a vital hub in the community, providing meals and services to families in need during the coronavirus crisis. Being a long-time supporter of Oak Square YMCA and having recently donated to the Allston-Brighton Food Drive, City Realty Group reached out to Oak Square YMCA senior executive director Tom Myers with an idea to help boost food donations and help a local business hurt by the shutdown. The real estate firm then contacted the Corrib Pub, a family restaurant which does a lot of good work in the community. After speaking with Corrib Pub manager John Bligh, the firm purchased gift cards that will be provided to people in need during this crisis. The gift cards were delivered to the Oak Square YMCA by Josh Fetterman, director of real estate development for City Realty Group. 



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