Corcoran-SunCal and the Boston Housing Authority, launch website for One Charlestown development

August 05, 2016 - Owners Developers & Managers

Charlestown, MA Corcoran-SunCal, in partnership with the Boston Housing Authority, launched its website for One Charlestown - the redevelopment of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development. includes design and planning information, a review of the public engagement process and partnership with the Resident Working Group, as well as images and schematics of the historic project.

“We have strived for transparency and a deep level of public engagement since this process began,” said Joseph Corcoran, president of Corcoran Jennison Associates. “ was the next natural step for us as we continue to seek out feedback from the community and educate the public about our project. We believe that One Charlestown will re-envision the future of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development and we are excited for what lies ahead.”

Over the past seven months, Corcoran-SunCal and the BHA have worked with residents of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development to establish a Resident Working Group that has assisted in the initial design and planning of One Charlestown. Members of the Resident Working Group met regularly in late 2015 and early this year, sharing their priorities, values, and hopes for the redevelopment project. Additionally, feedback and input was solicited from neighbors and residents of the Charlestown community. The design process culminated in an Open House that was open to the community, featuring design plans for the project. The Resident Working Group’s involvement in the planning and design charrette, as well as the feedback from the community, assisted the planning team in their efforts. The project design reflects the comments and input from residents, neighbors, and community members.

“We support the efforts of the Corcoran-SunCal team to engage residents and surrounding community stakeholders in the planning and design process from the beginning,” said Boston Housing Authority Administrator Bill McGonagle. “ will allow for this ongoing dialogue to continue while also informing the broader community about the redevelopment efforts taking place.”

All units at One Charlestown will include finishes, features, and amenities that are typical of quality new housing in Boston: open spaces and courtyards, community gardens, brightly-lit walkways and underground parking, in addition to community services so that residents may enjoy a vibrant, healthy and more sustainable living experience in Charlestown. Affordable housing will be preserved for current residents while also attracting new residents and revitalizing the neighborhood. The current plan calls for approximately 3,200 units altogether, replacing all 1,100 current units of public housing and adding 2,100 additional units. All current residents will have the right to return to the new development.

Corcoran-SunCal is a partnership between Corcoran Jenison Associates and SunCal. Together, they are focused on the concept that mixed-income communities offer the richest social context for all their residents, creating a sustainable and safe environment for everyone while also offering the best opportunities for advancement for their low income population. This new partnership is providing a new model for the redevelopment and repositioning of public housing in the United States.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) is a public agency that provides subsidized housing to low and moderate income individuals and families. In addition to conventional public housing communities throughout Boston, BHA offers rental assistance programs. BHA receives federal and state funding in order to provide housing programs to individuals and families. BHA’s mission is to provide stable, quality affordable housing for low and moderate income persons; to deliver these services with integrity and mutual accountability; and to create living environments which serve as catalysts for the transformation from dependency to economic self-sufficiency.



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