Cummings Properties hires local students for summer

August 21, 2020 - Front Section

Woburn, MA Although the pandemic made seasonal jobs scarce this year, 20 local students found gainful employment at Cummings Properties. Local youths Luke Abreu, Cameron Borselli, and James Taft are among the students who landed spots on the commercial real estate developer’s 2020 summer crew.

Most of these young men and women, who range in age from 18 to 22, serve on the field staff, doing general construction work, including painting, planting, landscaping, and demolition.

“We make an effort to give the kids an educational experience,” said Mike DePierro, who started with Cummings more than 15 years ago. “If they’re willing to put in the effort, we’re happy to teach them a lot of things that will serve them well in the future, whether professionally or personally.”

Many students start with the commercial real estate firm during high school to earn a steady paycheck and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experienced tradespeople. They return for the valuable skills and experiences and to be part of a team, according to DePierro, Woburn carpentry team leader.

Borselli joined Cummings Properties doing weekend litter removal in 2014. He has since progressed to summer work on the carpentry crew, helping with suite rehabs, painting, wall patching, and other hands-on projects.

“My experience at Cummings has been really eye-opening, in that I’ve been able to build so many skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life,” said Borselli, a rising senior at Coastal Carolina University with a major in sports management. “I’m so thankful for everything I’ve learned here. Other kids my age are shocked that, without planning for a future in the trades, I’m able to complete carpentry projects on my own.”

Borselli reports that his parents—and even his grandma—have leveraged his skills for household projects.

“At Cummings, we’re big on on-the-job mentoring at every level,” said DePierro. “Cameron is a quick learner with a positive attitude and great work ethic. His journey from litter removal to professional carpentry work is a prime example of how the summer program puts that value into practice.”

For 50 years, Cummings Properties has had a strong tradition of employing local area youth as summer workers at various properties throughout the firm’s 10 million-square-foot suburban portfolio.



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