Dacon completes construction on the headquarters for Kula Bio

September 02, 2022 - Owners Developers & Managers

Natick, MA Dacon Corp. has completed construction on the headquarters for Kula Bio, relocating to Natick from Cambridge. A 4-year-old startup positioned within the agricultural solutions market, Kula Bio has a healthy and high-growth goal – to increase crop yield and reduce environmental impact through sustainable nitrogen fertilizers.

All humans need nitrogen to sustain growth. The firm’s product, Kula-N, is a biofertilizer densely populated with non-genetically modified bacteria fortified to carry large stores of energy and nutrients into the soil. The product’s raison d’etre is focused on increasing yield and soil quality, thereby optimizing food production for agricultural enterprises.

The headquarters is comprised of 4 research spaces surrounded by executive offices and common areas. To support these labs a dedicated mechanical room was built to house compressed air, DI water system, autoclaves and a UV sterilizer.

Food sustainability continues to rise as a social concern, coalescing with environmental preservation, reduced carbon footprint, and access to clean water. CEO Bill Brady notes, “Over 90% of fertilizer in use is still synthetic and a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and damage to local water supplies and land”. Kula-N addresses two factors often blocking sustainable solutions – accessibility and affordability. In January, the firm received a $50 million investment led by Lowercarbon Capital that will be used to build manufacturing facilities near key agricultural producers. In recognition of Kula Bio and their groundbreaking work, Dacon’s Designed with Dignity philanthropy is funding a garden therapy program by Massachusetts Horticultural Society for senior residents at Carmel Terrace. Carmel Terrace is a nonprofit assisted living community for 69 residents centered on the values of compassion, personal interest and loving care, all of which support the sanctity of life. Residents will learn about pollinators, flower arranging, house plants and healthy plant care.



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