Dacon completes Vedanta Biosciences’ facility designed by DiMella Shaffer

July 22, 2022 - Construction Design & Engineering

Cambridge, MA Dacon Corp. has completed construction on Vedanta Biosciences’ new facility designed by DiMella Shaffer. A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing oral therapies based on defined bacterial consortia, Vedanta’s drug candidates use human commensal bacteria to treat diseases associated with the disruption of the human gut microbiome. This facility houses end-to-end cGMP manufacturing capabilities for multiple drug candidates from clinical development to commercial launch in a manner that is compliant with global regulatory standards.

Founded in 2010, Vedanta was one of the first life sciences firms to manufacture cGMP-grade defined bacterial consortia in powdered form. Today they have completed over 200 successful cGMP runs and advanced five drug candidates into the clinic. Currently they are planning a Phase 3 study for their lead candidate VE303 in high risk Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI).

“We believe that taking a targeted approach to modulation of the human microbiota, using rigorously controlled and defined pharmaceutical-grade compositions, will be instrumental to the evolution of microbiome-based therapies into a reliable new drug modality for patients across a range of indications,” said Bernat Olle, Ph.D., CEO of Vedanta Biosciences. “This facility, combined with the expertise and talent of our team, is designed to manufacture our microbiome product candidates as standardized compositions with consistent quality attributes at a large scale.”

Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO, said, “Vedanta’s work is both pioneering and fascinating. Their excitement is tangible onsite, with promising results from clinical studies that are invoking hope for those suffering from serious diseases.”



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