EPA honors Lenox Industries with 2011 Energy Star Award

June 23, 2011 - Green Buildings
Lennox Industries has earned the 2011 Energy Star Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Lennox introduced a number of major product innovations in 2010, including the SunSource Home Energy System, the industry's first integrated system to utilize solar power for home heating, cooling, and other household needs. All of Lennox's most efficient air conditioners and heat pumps are now manufactured "solar ready."
Free, clean, and infinitely renewable, solar power can have a huge impact on home heating & cooling costs. Just installing a single solar panel with the Lennox XC21 air conditioner as part of a SunSource Home Energy System in the Dallas area can save a typical homeowner 56% in annual heating & cooling costs, equal to over three tons of CO2 emissions or planting 72 trees. More solar panels can be installed over time - and the more panels installed, the bigger the savings.
Other major energy-efficient product innovations introduced by Lennox in 2010 included:
* A compact 33-inch gas furnace platform, featuring models up to 98.2% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), that uses fewer parts and raw materials while allowing 50% more furnaces to be shipped at once, improving overall environmental sustainability.
* The icomfort Touch programmable thermostat, which uses an intuitive touchscreen interface to make precise comfort adjustments quick and easy - making it easier for homeowners to customize their indoor environments and provide more energy-efficient comfort.
By helping owners harness solar energy while focusing on other major advances in energy management, communications and diagnostic capabilities, Lennox is leading the way in creating the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to high-efficiency home comfort. "We are extremely pleased and honored to receive this prestigious award from the EPA," said Doug Young, president and COO, Lennox International Residential Heating & Cooling.


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