EZ Maintenance Services, Greater Boston Roofing and AMG Restoration form alliance

June 26, 2020 - Spotlights

Stoughton, MA Although the pandemic brought sudden, unexpected business slowdowns and shutdowns since early this year, many property maintenance issues could not or should not be delayed, warns Eliott Zeprun, principal of EZ Maintenance Services.

“The need for maintenance and repairs never takes time off. You can’t let a health crisis become a property crisis,” Zeprun said as he introduced a new three-company collaboration designed to bring” unparalleled expertise, faster service, reduced costs, and national reach. We work with owners to be proactive rather than reactive.”

The new alliance, with a combined 100 years of maintenance and repair experience, includes EZ Maintenance, plus Greater Boston Roofing  headed by Alex Lappin, and AMG Restoration LLC led by Alex Glubish.  The roofing contractors are Certified Installers for leading manufacturers.

These companies are members of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC),  a national construction industry trade association, and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NFRA).    

“This alliance simplifies everything with one contact point. One call does it all,” said Zeprun. 

Through national contacts and long-term relationships, the group regularly saves customers 30–40% vs. competing bids. A majority of the group’s work comes from owners, builders, architects and property managers from South Carolina to Maine.  National clients include Simon Properties and Toll Brothers along with hundreds of hotels, schools, military bases and municipal agencies. 

Research shows that delaying maintenance can increase future costs and capital expenditures by as much as 600%.  According to Upkeep.com, delaying critical repairs contributes to safety hazards, energy inefficiency, and reputational damage: “Deferred repairs are often put into a maintenance backlog that creates a vicious cycle. As upgrades are postponed, system failures start increasing at a greater volume and frequency. This puts maintenance teams in a mode of reactivity with less focus on preventive maintenance.”

Alex Glubish says, “During COVID-19, some clients didn’t want to spend money but they had roofs that needed immediate replacement.”  AMG Restoration LLC specializes in flat roofs, mostly in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. AMG offers financing for clients who need critical work despite cash flow issues.” 

EZ Maintenance, licensed in 22 states, has 16 affiliates from Maine to Florida and a network of 2,700 vendors across the U. S.  Greater Boston Roofing is licensed and insured in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut, and has alliances in many other states. Besides roofing, they handle framing, siding, drywall, interior buildouts for any size project. A division of EZ Maintenance is EZ Fire Protection that provides alarms, extinguishers, monitoring systems, inspections, compliance audits, and certifications.  

How does Zeprun guarantee satisfaction? “Our contractors are continuously monitored for performance and quality assurance; vendors are paid within 14 days so they’re loyal and offer fast service; and vendors are local, knowing if they respond quickly with competitive prices and quality service, they’ll get a steady stream of business.” Another key to EZ’s success, Zeprun says, is a highly-regarded, on-call 24/7 electrical / mechanical engineer with decades of experience who specializes in facilities maintenance solutions.



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