Feinmann, president of Feinmann, Inc., named 2023 Mentor of the Year by the Professional Remodeling Organization New England

June 16, 2023 - Front Section
Peter Feinmann

Boston, MA Peter Feinmann, president of the award-winning design-build firm, Feinmann, Inc., was distinguished as the 2023 Mentor of the Year by the Professional Remodeling Organization (PRO) New England.

Feinmann has served as a design and construction industry leader for decades and is known for his disciplined approach to business. He was instrumental in defining the cost and control advantages of the design-build process while demonstrating creative and inspired solutions as evidenced in his firm’s award-winning projects that showcase both elegant design and quality craftsmanship.

A true mentor at heart, Feinmann shifted his focus over the past several years and began sharing the practices that led to his own firm’s success. Paul Rechsteiner, Feinmann, Inc.’s sales design consultant said, “Since I first started working with Peter, he has educated and mentored me in a friendly and effective way. I’m grateful to have a business leader who values people’s ability to learn and develop; it makes great business sense and has kept me engaged and growing. So appreciated!”

Continuing the spirit of Feinmann’s ability to inspire and grow his staff, Tammy Russo, a 30-year veteran and senior project manager said, “Little did I know that I would have what I consider to be the career of a lifetime! As a mentor, Peter gave me the tools I needed in so many areas of remodeling construction, finances, management and even some psychology. I can’t think of another person who has been so influential in my professional life. Peter earned this recognition.”

Feinmann joined the PRO New England board seven years ago and quickly became a champion of programs that encourage members to grow both professionally and personally. PRO New England prides itself on its mentorship program and Feinmann’s session on sales is always highly anticipated as he shares insights into his company’s sales process and success.

Dedicated to the power of mindfulness meditation, Peter also created a program to share the practice with others. Now in its fifth year, the meditation program offers group meetings that help participants deal with the daily challenges of the fast-paced remodeling industry.

It proved to be especially supportive during the pandemic and was a source of serenity and strength for many. Both employees and industry liaisons participate in the mindfulness meetings including Beezee Honan of Designer Bath who said, “Peter Feinmann has changed my life through his leadership of our mindfulness practice. His commitment to my wellbeing as well as our business collaboration has been truly amazing.”

Jodi Swartz, CKBR, UDCP recalls how Peter hired her as a contract designer when she first launched KitchenVisions; she continues to reach out to him for sage advice. “His weekly mindfulness classes have taught me other ways in which to frame my thoughts and ideas and how to implement them in my personal and business matters. His ‘Mindful Directions’ consulting service has been instrumental as I form my current and future plans.”

Gathering for its 2023 Gala at the Clarke Showroom, Milford, MA the PRO Awards celebrate the finest remodeling professionals in the New England area. Members compete and are recognized for their design-build excellence as exemplified through noteworthy projects. This year, there were over twenty-eight categories representing residential, commercial, landscape, historical renovation/restoration, interior and exterior projects.

Feinmann was founded in 1987 by president, Peter Feinmann. In the firm’s 35-year history, it has completed more than 1,800 projects for over 650 clients. The firm’s dedication to innovative designs, a well-articulated process, superb craftsmanship, and respect for its clients’ budgets has resulted in Feinmann, Inc. ranking as one of the top design-build firms in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Professional Remodeling Organization New England serves remodelers, full-service contractors, design-build firms, manufacturers and suppliers, distributors, subcontractors, vendors and service providers, and other professionals who support the professional remodeling industry. The organization has an engaged, supportive membership that participates in activities created for members, students, and guests.



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