Founders Message: Time to buy real estate

Donald Trump says: "Stop buying gold and buy real estate." I agree and respect his judgment. He would probably be elected president if he wasnt having positive healthy fun with his popular weekly TV show and building golf courses. Being president means waking up every morning knowing that people all over the world are wondering what misjudgment you will make next. Mr. Trump, certainly a respected commercial real estate guru, suggests that stubborn owners are finally waking up and dropping the prices into a reasonable sales position. After the long 3-year recession the people who have survived have stopped being frightened and have started back to work. Since they realize that there is nothing they can do about what happens in government they have stopped feeling sorry for themselves, accepted the fact that no one was going to bail them out, and remembered all the things they did to become successful in the first place. While the world does change, basics remain the same. Miracles do happen, but only if you work your butt off. Faith can move mountains, but only if you use the shovel. If you want to start off your day on the wrong foot, feel negative and frown, watch the morning news. Do they ever report anything positive? No! Of course not. They tell you who died, who got arrested, about tornadoes, tsunamis, what countries are killing hundreds of innocent civilians, etc. Does that make you smile? So when you arrive at the office you are filled with negative energy which any shrink or doctor will tell you is poisonous. It first poisons your mind, then your body. So, cut it out. Start the day off on a positive note. Watch cartoons or the 3 Stooges, and then the first person you see think of an honest compliment. I guarantee it will brighten their day and you will feel good that you caused some elses one moment of happiness. I just talked to a broker who hadnt closed a deal in 12 months, but, he was thinking positive as he was boarding a train taking him to Maine and a deal that he was sure would close. The power of positive thinking? Right! He could have given up after that crappy year, but he didnt. I bet he makes the deal. What do you think? Oh, he found the buyer on Linked-In, went to the guys Facebook account, and you know the rest. Thank you for the positive thinking, Mr. Trump. Roland Hopkins is the founder of The New England Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.