Founders Message: Time to smell the dandelions

After being told by neighbors that "There are no jobs available, so dont waste your time looking," an old friend of mine admitted that she didnt believe that and took a minimum wage job that started at 2:30 in the morning. "Lots of available jobs out there if someone is willing," she said. So I told that story to a recent college graduate who had told me that there were no jobs available. "Why not follow in my old friends footsteps?" I asked him. "Im way overqualified," he answered. "I spent a load of money getting an education. And I owe a bunch of school loans. I certainly cant pay them off with a minimum wage job." I guess he didnt learn how to do the math. No job, no income, no pay for anything. It brought to mind my first jobs when I left college. Bank teller - $45 per week. Selling shirts at Filenes - minimum wage. Camp counselor - $50 per week. New construction development mowing grass 8 hours a day - $75 per week. The college courses I took didnt prepare me for any of those jobs, but I ate three meals a day, paid rent, and had a few dollars left over for a few beers. Do you recall any of your early jobs? If you are over 50, I am sure you made sure that you had a weekly income, one way or another. What does the job market have to do with real estate? Ill tell you. The simple philosophy that "There is no such word as cant." Look it up in the dictionary. It aint there. So, those who have not sold some parcels of real estate in the last four years because they believed it couldnt be sold, are now finally waking up and drastically dropping prices. If you read that real estate sales are growing, check the prices. They are lower than ever, but it is creating needed activity. Purchase and sales agreements were atrophying. Tell your owner that the time is here to wake up and smell the dandelions - no more roses for awhile. P.S. - If you know someone who says that they cant find a job, buy them a copy of the daily or weekly newspaper in your area and you will still find at least a page or more in the "Help Wanted" section. Roland Hopkins is founder of the NEREJ, Norwell, Mass.