Gold Coast Premier Properties Group seeks approval for 122-room WoodSprings Suites - by mayor Frank Picozzi

May 14, 2021 - Rhode Island

While the past year has been an extremely difficult one for our hotels and the hospitality industry as a whole, we are seeing slow, but promising, signs of recovery with increased hotel bookings and the continued reopening of our state. Another positive sign is Gold Coast Premier Properties Group’s interest in investing in Warwick. The Miami-based developer recently submitted an application for planning board master plan review of a

Frank Picozzi

proposed 122-room, four-story WoodSprings Suites extended stay hotel on Post Rd. that would be located about a minute’s drive away from T.F. Green Airport. Master plan review is the first of a multi-phase review and approval process for major land development projects.

There are presently nearly 300 WoodsSprings extended stay hotels among 38 states and the District of Columbia. The chain, which re-branded itself from Value Place in 2015, says it has maintained its commitment to providing great accommodations at an affordable range, with overnight rates decreasing the longer a guest stays. Typical amenities include an in-suite kitchen with a two-burner cook-top, large sink, ample counter space and cupboards, microwave, and a full refrigerator and freezer, as well as around-the-clock access to laundry facilities and staff support and free Wi-Fi.

The proposed Warwick location would join more than 20 extend stays that are either under development or have been developed in Florida, the Carolinas, Connecticut, and California by Gold Coast since its inception in 2015. The proposed Warwick hotel would feature a variety of suite options, including rooms especially tailored for handicapped access. Lobby areas and a fitness room are also part of the proposed development, and landscaping would be installed in areas throughout the approximately 1.7-acre site.

WoodSprings would join the 15 hotels that are presently operational in Warwick that offer a wide range of prices, accommodations and amenities. Our community’s role as host to T.F. Green Airport and the InterLink intermodal commuter rail station, along with its easy access to I-95 and I-295, make Warwick and its hotels a natural choice for out-of-town visitors, including those who are in here for business conferences or sports tournaments. As the economy begins its recovery, we look forward to welcoming more guests back to our community and our hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that have been so hard hit by the pandemic.

Along with the WoodSprings proposal, the city is presently working with other developers on projects throughout our community. Stay tuned for additional announcements, and, if you’re interested in bringing your business to Warwick, please give us a call.

Frank Picozzi is the mayor of the city of Warwick, RI.



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