Greenway Business Improvement District renews and strengthens its commitment to The Greenway

September 01, 2023 - Owners Developers & Managers

Boston, MA As parks and public spaces continue to play a critical role in making cities more vibrant, exciting, and accessible, the Greenway Business Improvement District (BID) renewed its commitment to supporting The Rose Kennedy Greenway and the Greenway Conservancy for another five-year term. Greenway BID members, abutting businesses and organizations along the 1.5 miles of the linear park that connects the downtown core to Boston Harbor, cast a unanimous vote to not only renew the BID for its second term but to increase the overall funding by 7%, providing additional support for the operations and maintenance of the park as well as enhancement opportunities.

In kicking off its second term, Greenway BID members approved over $200,000 in additional spending that will advance capital projects and bring additional programs to further enhance and activate the park. Capital projects include replacing the Greenway Carousel tent, painting bamboo cages in the Chinatown parcels of the park, and repainting the pergola in the North End parcels of the park. Additional activations include the Sound in the City events at the Dewey Sq. Mural, outdoor fitness classes that provide recreation opportunities for folks downtown and support to the small businesses that run the classes, place-keeping improvements in Chinatown, as well as public art and additional event infrastructure for Year of the Tiger celebrations.

A dynamic public space and economic driver, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is a key asset to city residents, businesses, tourists, and the public sector. A sustainable, fair, and long-term solution was made possible through a collaboration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, city of Boston, Greenway Conservancy, and abutter properties to fund much of the costs to operate, maintain, and enhance The Greenway, which was approved by the Boston City Council in 2018. A Better City led a robust process to develop a detailed plan for the Greenway BID, including boundary lines, a management plan, and a formula for individual contributions. Together with these collaborators, the BID will continue to work in partnership during its second term to ensure The Greenway remains a lively shared space that promotes economic activity and fosters the ability for people to come together with nature as well as one another.

“The renewal of the Greenway BID represents the business and civic community’s continued commitment to supporting, enhancing, and enlivening The Greenway, which generates economic activity and fosters togetherness in our city,” said Rick Dimino, executive director of the Greenway BID. “This partnership represents a profound collaboration of public and private sectors, united in our desire to nurture and celebrate one of Boston’s treasured gems and a site of constant transformation. The Rose Kennedy Greenway is more than just a park; it is an emblem of community spirit, environmental stewardship, as well as urban innovation and revitalization.”

In its first five year term, the Greenway BID helped to deliver the park’s newest space, North Meadow on the Greenway; supported the creation of an asset management system for the Greenway Conservancy to monitor and assure a State of Good Repair; advanced lighting, safety, and placekeeping projects in Chin Park; brought programming and activations to the park in the fall and winter months as people returned to the office as the public health improved during the pandemic through the (Re)Discover The Greenway series; enlivened the Breathe Life mural at Dewey Square by supporting an artistic lighting overlay; funded new benches throughout the Wharf District; and many other enhancements to the park.

“Nestled in the heart of one of America’s most historic cities, the Rose Kennedy Greenway boasts an enchanting tapestry of green spaces, mesmerizing art installations, and inviting walkways,” said Chris Cook, executive director of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. “This 1.5-mile linear park has long been cherished by locals, visitors, plants, and wildlife alike, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks to the steadfast support of the Greenway BID and its members, this beloved oasis is well positioned to continuously blossom anew.”

“As members of the Greenway BID, we are honored to play a continued role in supporting and enhancing this invaluable community space,” said Steve Faber, chair of the Greenway BID Board. “By working together, we can advance a stronger, more active and engaging Rose Kennedy Greenway for Boston that benefits residents, businesses, and visitors alike.”

Everything that happens on The Greenway and the future of this special piece of the public realm benefits from the support of Greenway BID members and other collaborators that work together to better the park for all that enjoy it. By contributing to The Greenway through a stable, streamlined process, BID Members help ensure these 17 acres of greenspace in the heart of downtown remains vibrant, providing the opportunity for advancing a forward-looking and impactful vision for this public space.



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