Haynes Group completes build-out of two Vitality Bowls locations

September 23, 2022 - Construction Design & Engineering

Cambridge, MA Vitality Bowls is a café concept that first opened its doors in 2011. Since then it has revolutionized the concept of healthy food across the country.

Franchisee Tim Johnson combined his love of the franchise with his love of living a healthy lifestyle and made a major career change.

“I’ve always been interested in health and wellness and loved this type of food,” said Johnson. “I used to travel to California for business on a regular basis and would always visit a local Vitality Bowls. When I decided that I wanted to completely change careers, this is the direction I chose to go in due to my passion for the food.”

When looking for the ideal place to open his new Vitality Bowls locations, Johnson took into consideration other businesses in the area, as well as distance.

“Both locations have a booming life sciences community and are well known for having health-conscious citizens,” Johnson said. “They (the locations) also happen to be about three miles apart from each other, which is convenient for several reasons.”

Haynes Group, Inc. brought both locations to life. The firm has a strong restaurant portfolio ranging from boutique style cafes to large-scale breweries.

Both the Watertown and Cambridge locations posed unique challenges.

“Both projects were happening simultaneously, and each had their own site constraints that we had to overcome,” said Emily Bozek, project manager at Haynes Group, Inc. “There was only metered parking at Cambridge, we had to work closely with the town to secure meter permits for the duration of the project. We also faced limited laydown space which resulted in collaboration between our team and the building owner to secure use of the adjacent space to store materials. Finally, there was no location where we could place a dumpster. In response, team Haynes worked to limit trash and schedule internal live loads.”

The team also faced extenuating circumstances revolving around the signage.

“A special permit was required for the location signage,” Bozek said. “In order to maintain the schedule our team completed construction while the signage permit was being processed and completed final inspections once the permit was received.”

Haynes Group strives to maintain an unrelenting commitment to quality, budget, and schedule.

“My real estate agent highly recommended Haynes Group,” Johnson said. “I looked over their portfolio and was impressed. When it came time to gather quotes not only were their prices competitive, but their proposals and presentations were much tighter and more professional.”



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