Developers Helge Capital and Gansett Ventures celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ninety_o

August 05, 2022 - Owners Developers & Managers
Shown (from left) are: Oleg Uritsky,
CEO at Helge Capital; Caleb Manchester,
president at Gansett Ventures;
and Andrew Tuccio, development
manager at Gansett Ventures

Revere, MA Developers Helge Capital and Gansett Ventures celebrated the one-year anniversary of Ninety_o, a modern multifamily apartment complex at 90 Ocean Ave. This transit-oriented living community features 75 premium apartments, providing needed quality housing on Revere Beach. With views inside and out, this property brings beach living to a new level.

Ninety_o was completed on time, on budget and was fully leased prior to opening, despite significant labor and materials challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. A year of being fully occupied by families and young professionals demonstrates this project aligns with the vision of the city of Revere to rejuvenate Revere Beach as a top tier living destination.

“Our target vision for a tenant base is working professionals who desire better living conditions at affordable prices in Revere,” said Helge Capital CEO Oleg Uritsky. “This city is quickly evolving into an exciting hub for professionals, and we are delighted to expand housing options in this high-profile neighborhood.”

“We are extremely proud this project is having tangible, positive benefits for the city of Revere,” said Gansett Ventures president Caleb Manchester. “Our goal from the start has always been to provide quality housing that enhances the attractiveness of Revere Beach, and the city at large, as a great place to live. We are thrilled to say Ninety_o accomplishes that.”





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