Identifying Energy Waste and Implementing Energy Efficiency to Save Money

March 24, 2011 - Green Buildings

Chip Goudreau, Guardian Energy Management Solutions

One of the best ways to prove a point is "to practice what you preach." Since Rexel, Inc., a leading electrical distribution company, regularly encourages and supports its customers in selling the advantages of energy efficient lighting upgrades, it only makes sense that at its own facilities, Rexel should utilize the most energy-efficient, cost-effective products. Rexel, Inc. nationwide has energy specialists who focus on finding opportunities where energy may be saved by technology. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, David Rossman, a ten year employee and energy specialist of Rexel, Inc. has taken up the task.
Rossman suggested that by upgrading the lighting at the Mansfield, Mass. Rexel distribution center would be more cost efficient and also a safer and more comfortable place to work. After performing a cost/benefit analysis at the nearly 105,000 s/f warehouse facility, it was revealed that the project would pay for itself through electricity savings in 6 months. The management team then turned to Guardian Energy Management Solutions, an energy services company, to perform the installation work.
"Our business is founded on relationships. Our strong relationship with Guardian Energy Management Solutions has helped us take a comprehensive approach to energy savings on jobs that we both find. The electricians worked very well with our people while we were open for business. The job was completed on time and within budget," said Rossman.
The results have been dramatic. Warehouse stock is now brightly illuminated and glare-free, making it easier for employees to pick and put away materials. Set with sensors at a 15 minute delay, aisle lights now shut off automatically when no activity is detected. And because the new lights don't produce unwanted heat, everyone will be more comfortable next summer.
Energy efficiency projects like this can help save businesses a tremendous amount of money without negatively affecting customers, employees or products/services.With an extremely fast return on investment, and utility incentives available to help pay down project costs, every manufacturing plant and warehouse in America should be looking closely at projects like this.
Chip Goudreau is the director of energy efficiency services at Guardian Energy Management Solutions, Marlborough, Mass.


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