Immediate response time and our Ritz-Carlton like customer service provide clients with peace of mind - by Robert Marcus

June 30, 2017 - Spotlights
Robert Marcus,
Robert Marcus Real Estate

With the advent of email, texting and social media, response time and customer service expectations are being pushed to their limits and are creating new channels to respond to a demanding clientele. Email and texting have created a push for real time or nearly immediate responses to client’s questions that may not be available without some research, some thought or some access to pertinent information. This begs the question, “what is an acceptable response time?”

Personalized and instantaneous information is commonplace with e-commerce and online customer service. The demands to provide omni-channel service and instantaneous detailed responses to clients have become more prevalent in the real estate and property management industry. How we respond to requests must be carefully considered, more often than not the situation requires far more than a simple yes or no. We are not selling or servicing simple widgets; providing the best service possible in a complex environment is paramount to the survival of everyone involved. I constantly remind my staff that if we don’t do it, our customers will find someone else who will. Response time is critical, even if it’s to buy a little more time.

There are different approaches to customer service, I recommend using models that are proven and successful. Marriott’s The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. brand has set the standard for the hospitality industry. With the Ritz-Carlton name, you are assured a level of service at all times — from curbside greeting to curbside good-bye. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery; theirs is a model to keep front and center.

One of the companies operated under the Robert Marcus Real Estate umbrella is the Home Maintenance Organization (HMO). We constantly work to improve our level of customer service. HMO has used parts of the Ritz Carlton model as a framework for our approach to provide superior levels of responsiveness and satisfaction that help set us apart from others. 

The Home Maintenance Organization is a company dedicated to residential property management, bringing new levels of reliability and expertise to every facet of your home maintenance. We take a comprehensive approach that views each property as a home with unique needs. Then we tailor our services to meet those needs. Your home gets exactly what it requires from a single source and you only pay for what you use. Your home is your masterpiece. Trust it to someone who sees things exactly the way you do. Profit from our experience. 

For over 30 years, our parent company, Robert Marcus Real Estate Company, Inc., has managed some of New England’s largest commercial properties. During that time, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes protect the value of their property, offering a comprehensive array of services that includes everything from security to snow removal. But we’ve also provided them with something far less tangible, something that doesn’t appear on an invoice or a balance sheet – peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that everything will be done right and handled with just one call. Now we’re bringing that experience to residential homeowners throughout New England. 

Robert Marcus is president of Robert Marcus Real Estate Co., Newton, Mass.



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