Jones Lang LaSalle now known as JLL

March 20, 2014 - Front Section

JLL's New Logo

Underscoring its global operation, scale and vision for the future, Jones Lang LaSalle, the professional services and investment management firm specializing in real estate, is now using the name "JLL" and introducing a refreshed logo. The New England headquarters office in Boston is launching the shorter name with a radio and print advertising campaign, and Hello JLL breakfast.
The shorter name and new logo are:
· Easily recognized and visible in countries around the world
· Memorable and easily pronounced in languages worldwide
· Suitable for digital applications and mobile channels
Shortening its name to JLL is a natural evolution of the firm's historically rich brand, recognizing that it is a truly global company located in multiple markets, with a wide range of expertise applied through many different client services. It also represents its adaptation to different communication styles in different countries, languages and channels, and especially the use of digital and online.
Charles Doyle, chief marketing and communications officer at JLL said, "Although we are adapting our name, our cultural foundation of collaboration, integrity and delivering real value to our clients, people and investors remains constant and unchanging. JLL is easily pronounced, remembered, visible and representative of our firm wherever we serve our clients around the world. The JLL 'Worldmark' logo symbolises all of this: a global company with local roots, built from multiple types of expertise, working in collaboration with clients wherever they need our services."
The JLL name and new logo will be rolled out globally over the next two years. The firm's legal name, Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., and the name of its wholly owned subsidiary, LaSalle Investment Management, will remain unchanged.


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