Kleen Sky Distribution opens in Portland

December 27, 2013 - Green Buildings
A wholesale distribution business with an interesting focus, called Kleen Sky Distribution, has opened in the Portland area and serves all of N.E. The mission of the business, according the Steve Hayes the founder and president, "is to bring products to market that meet two basic criteria. 1. They must have a positive impact on the environment and 2. They should be disruptive to the current market status quo. We want to drive significant change in a positive way, especially when it comes to climate impact."
Hayes most recently served as the general manager and vice president of Nelson and Small Inc. of Portland. His inspiration for starting Kleen Sky was to "Try to do good for the environment while contributing to the efforts of businesses we serve."
The initial product offerings include two products that meet those green and disruptive criteria. Kleen Sky opened its doors at the beginning of November and has been busy setting up a dealer network and getting the lights turned. "The website is up and running, the warehouse is stocked and marketing has begun" states Hayes. "We are really excited about the two products that we are offering initially as one reduces fuel oil use by 12-30% depending on your current burner and the other is an indoor air quality technology that kills mold, mildew, virus, bacteria and odors on both hard and soft surfaces and is totally safe and non-chemical."
The Burner Booster, the fuel oil saving technology, is a fuel injection system for a boiler that turns the fuel oil into a gas. In addition to saving as much as a third in fuel cost, the fuel burns nearly as clean as natural gas with far lower carbon emissions and other contaminants.
Odorox, the indoor air quality technology uses UL (ultraviolet) light to create Hydroxyls, which are naturally occurring in our atmosphere, which attack unwanted contaminants in our environment such as viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and offensive odors to purify the indoor air we breathe.


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