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November 06, 2015 - Owners Developers & Managers

Boston, MA Lawn Doctor of Boston, the South Shore, and Cape Cod is a local, family owned and operated business serving over 6,000 homeowners in the Greater Boston region. Main offices are located in Hanover.

Good lawn care is more than simply “watching the grass grow.” Trees and shrubs deserve attention as well. Keep your trees and shrubs “out of the woods” by adhering to this advice. Plants sitting all day in New England’s summer sun get thirsty. The application of effective watering techniques can make the difference between your lawn plants resembling an enchanted or haunted forest. Where you water matters. Point the hose or watering can toward the roots of your plant and not the leaves, as water often contains traces of salt which damage foliage.

Lawn Doctor’s horticulturist Mike McDonald suggests that, “It’s best to apply water to around trees where its canopy of leaves ends.” A few times a season roots should be watered extra to drive away salt and other harmful sediments. Consider collecting rain. Natural water is better for plants than tap and the price is unbeatable.

A balanced watering regiment protects plants from insects as well. Trees and shrubs are weak when under watered, making them more susceptible to disease and infestation. But don’t grab a fire hose just yet. Overwatering plants can create the moist environment pests and fungi like to settle down in and start a family. McDonald clarifies, “Fungi the growth, not the life of the party (fun guy).”

Once pests are established it’s best to consult the experts. As each lawn differs in variety and layout, eradication methods must be tailored to its’ delicate ecosystem. You want to kill bugs and disease—not your lawn and other plants. Watering methods and schedules can benefit from an expert eye as well.



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