Malone Commercial Brokers arranges
1,086 s/f retail lease - Alice Yardley

March 29, 2024 - Retail

Portland, ME Malone Commercial Brokers (MCB) have arranged a 1,086 s/f lease space for Alice Yardley, the creative force behind a handcrafted leather bag brand, at 99 Exchange St. The deal was brokered by Peter Harrington of MCB. Yardley is leaving her space at Washington Ave. to find her home in the Old Port, a milestone for her flourishing brand.

Yardley’s journey from a high school teacher to a thriving designer began in 2019, when she decided to take the leap turning her hobby into a dream. The decision was driven by her passion for leatherworking and a commitment to sustainability. “I wanted to create something that brought joy and brightness into people’s lives,” Yardley said.

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, Yardley’s dedication remained unwavering, leading to her participation in New York Fashion Week’s “Ones to Watch” showcase in 2020. “I handcraft every leather bag myself, using predominantly leather remnants to minimize waste and reduce my carbon footprint,” she emphasizes. Her designs are a kaleidoscope of colors that exude playfulness and charm.

Expressing her gratitude for the support received during the move, Yardley praises her experience with Pete Harrington and Malone Commercial Brokers. “It was a seamless process that happened so quickly and efficiently,” Yardley said. “Everyone has been so helpful in answering my questions, supporting my small business, and cheering me on through this transition.”

Yardley anticipates sharing her colorful and energetic handbags with the Exchange St. community. 



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