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July 05, 2019 - Owners Developers & Managers

Through a number of new and ongoing chapter programs and events, more opportunities than ever before designed to facilitate the sharing of industry challenges are now available to professional community association managers around New England.  

Managers’ Committee

For more than a decade, the CAI-NE managers’ committee has been connecting managers with a broad range of experience.  Managers with more years of experience guide those newer to the industry – and they in turn offer these more seasoned managers a new perspective and fresh insight on an industry that is quickly becoming more reliant on technology and increasingly demanding workplace changes.

CEO-MC Luncheons

The CEO-MC luncheon brings together management company owners and senior management staff offering the opportunity for key executives to evaluate and discuss business operations and opportunities.  From industry software and technology to office administration and policies, trends are discussed and the direction of professional management is debated.  

Manager Education and Professional Networking

Additional educational opportunities abound for managers at conferences, programs and via webinars throughout the year. Networking socials and events bring managers together in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere.  

Check out all the opportunities for managers to find the answers they are seeking and the career enhancing resources they need at



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