Marketing now more than ever - time to adapt - by Chuck Sink

May 15, 2020 - Front Section
Chuck Sink

Whatever your business sector, the pandemic is affecting you profoundly. It might be good for your company or it might be devastating but one thing is certain; you are feeling massive change underfoot and you must adapt.

I’m seeing some businesses focus their energy on cutting loss and applying government assistance to stay afloat while some are converting their factories to make much-needed PPE for the public. Others are nurturing their key relationships and rebuilding their internal business infrastructures.

Rebuild Your Marketing Infrastructure: Now is the time. Most of my clients are stepping up their communication efforts right now, some of them big time! They have the foresight to position their businesses to be of indispensable service in their own communities immediately, and also to lead their industries during the inevitable recovery.

Speak Louder with Action: A safety netting manufacturer in Conn. converted part of their factory floor to a mask production facility to make masks available for the public. Another client, a construction firm, was the first to answer the call from N.H. hospitals to his industry for N95 masks, donating his company’s entire stock of 200 masks to the medical team at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester. This same client is working tirelessly right now on branding, marketing, PR, helping to write construction trade policy, and nurturing relationships with vendors, contractors, clients and business partners. I have several other inspiring client stories but this article could get too lengthy. 

Walking the Talk: Fortunately and with gratitude, I’ve never been busier! But even though the current work is urgent and a bit stressful, I’m still using this passing crisis to reposition my business as the premium design and digital communication firm in our market with the resources and capability to scale! 

Remember that the best time to blow your horn is when the hall is quiet or your competition is distracted. Hmm… Here’s a thought:  People ordered to stay home or work from home are on their computers a lot. Guess where digital marketing reaches them?

Chuck Sink is the owner of Chuck Sink Link, Contoocook, N.H.



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