Middlesex 3 Coalition is committed to addressing key issues within the communities - by Stephanie Cronin

June 26, 2020 - Front Section
Stephanie Cronin, M3

The Middlesex 3 region is comprised of ten communities along the Rte. 3 corridor. It begins 15 miles northwest of downtown Boston and includes the communities of Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Lexington, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough, and Westford. 

These ten communities are diverse and provide something for everyone in the Middlesex 3 area. This includes excellent educational and workforce training resources, business-friendly municipalities, diverse housing and commercial real estate options, alternative transportation resources, high-quality healthcare facilities, and recreational and cultural opportunities. In addition, Middlesex 3 has a strong and diverse business base, which includes start-up businesses, high-tech and high growth companies, and Fortune 500 corporations, who all need the educated and high-quality workforce that is located in and around the Middlesex 3 area. 

The Middlesex 3 Coalition brings together regional leaders from business, academia, real estate, finance, healthcare, nonprofits and local, state, and federal governments to advocate and to improve business development along the Route 3 corridor. By working together, the Middlesex 3 Coalition communities, companies, members, and partners help to improve economic development, increase job growth and retention, and enhance the quality of life for the entire region. 

The Coalition is committed to addressing key issues within our communities, including: 
• Improving Transportation;
• Improving Education and Workforce Development;
• Improving Infrastructure, Utilities & Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development;
• Promoting and marketing Route 3 Corridor and area businesses; and
• Addressing business development concerns.

Membership for Middlesex 3 is available to regional stakeholders in local government, real estate development, business, finance, and education who have combined resources to promote the competitive advantages of the region and advance the economic vitality of the corridor. 

The Middlesex 3 Coalition is available to help businesses by:
• Providing assistance with infrastructure and transportation projects;
• Facilitating employment and workforce resources including grants and training programs;
• Serving as a direct line to legislators;
• Providing an introduction to business, municipal and financial contacts;
• Acting as a resource to review and streamline the permitting process; and 
• Aiding in identifying potential development sites.

The Middlesex 3 Coalition works with our membership to build relationships, address key economic development issues, and foster real estate and business development in the region. 

The Middlesex 3 Coalition provides members the opportunities to:
• Lend their voices to discussions about economic development programs and policies that affect our region’s business climate.
• Network and collaborate with leaders from business, academia, real estate, nonprofit, and local, state, federal governments. 
• Attend all or access Middlesex 3 Coalition events including our Business Leadership Series, Annual Meetings, What’s Happening in Middlesex 3, membership meetings, stakeholder meetings, industry-focused roundtables. 
• Join Middlesex 3 subcommittees including: transportation, education/workforce development, infrastructure/real estate, and marketing.
• Join the Middlesex 3 Transportation Management Association (TMA), which organizes shuttles & alternative modes of transportation for its members.
• Receive assistance with transportation/infrastructure projects and employment/workforce resources.
• Access to monthly member newsletters, social media promotion, & more.

For more information visit: www.middlesex3.com.

Stephanie Cronin is the executive director for the Middlesex 3 Coalition, Billerica, Mass.



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