Middlesex 3 Coalition: Lisa Marrone, Director of Business Development, Town of Chelmsford

August 27, 2021 - Spotlights
Lisa Marrone
Director of Business Development
Town of Chelmsford

What do you like the most about doing business in the M3 region? The vast amount of resources that are readily available for technical assistance, resources, programming and networking can support all size businesses in every industry. Many state agencies are very connected to the communities with service providers in a proactive partnership with municipalities. This enables true teamwork towards businesses, groups such as; Middlesex 3 Coalition; MA Office of Business Development; U.S. Small Business Administration; Transportation Management Association; and many more. Networking is invaluable in the M3 region and the collaboration on regional grant applications, addressing regional issues and binding strength amongst the Rte. 495 corridor encourages more business appeal.

What types of companies are your city or town looking to attract? Chelmsford is poised and well-suited for advanced technologies. Our platinum bio-tech rating, technical project review, expedited permitting and municipal response team provides seamless transition into Chelmsford. We are readily available and working to attract modernized industries to build upon our emerging clusters. The Chelmsford Cross Roads at Rte. 129 business district is host to robotics, communications, life science manufacturing, health care, residential housing opportunities, service providers of engineering, design, environmental guidance and much more. This is our most concentrated area of business development with over 150 companies located within the Rte. 129 corridor amongst 600 acres of land. The municipality is actively involved with the existing business-base to include a monthly association meeting, site tours, ribbon cutting events, wayfinding signage and much more. We are utilizing the employers to create a unique advocacy for the area, building high-tech identity and business attraction at a level conducive for advanced technologies.

What would you tell a company looking to move to the M3 region? All of the highest priorities for thriving companies can be easily found in the M3 region. There is an impressive array of educational institutions that provided highly skilled workers, continual professional training, workforce development programs and exceptional resources for scientific business. University of Massachusetts, Lowell Campus, offers multi-million dollar testing equipment, R&D labs, life-science experts/educations that are all available for private industry advancements. In additional to workforce staffing needs, the M3 region has significantly expanded housing opportunities with new construction, market rate rentals, single family homes to include variety of lifestyle options from executive housing options of palatial estates through to many great neighborhoods, condos and beautiful outdoor spaces.

What M3 Coalition networking opportunities does your business participate in? Chelmsford Business Development partners with M3 at every opportunity. The Town has benefited in many ways by the efforts of Middlesex 3 Coalition; economic development roundtable, transportation discussions, site visits, guest speakers, State involvement, regional networking of current topics and the list goes on. Events and webinars are always effective and helpful through M3, and the staff is always available for individual support too!



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