Middlesex 3 Coalition: Eric Salerno, Town Planner/Economic Development Director, Town of Tyngsborough

August 27, 2021 - Spotlights
Eric Salerno
Town Planner/Economic Development Director
Town of Tyngsborough

What is the most exciting job/project/goal for your company/city or town in 2021? Tyngsborough has several projects under construction or in the permitting process that will help drive economic growth for the remainder of the decade and beyond. They span from industrial to retail to multi-family and active adult residential. The town completed its new master plan in 2021, and the committee diligently continued their work remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan identifies important tasks to address over the next several years. In response to the master plan, the town is embarking on a comprehensive zoning review process in 2021. It is aimed at updating and modernizing the zoning bylaw to create new opportunities and have a positive impact on the town’s local economy.

What do you like the most about doing business in the M3 region? As a planner and economic development director, working for a municipality in the Middlesex 3 region offers an exceptional breadth of opportunities, innovative employers, engaged residents, educational institutions, and natural resources to work with. It is an especially rewarding experience to connect a business or entrepreneur with the right resources to help them succeed in Tyngsborough, and those exist because of the strong and healthy economy that continues to grow in our region. One of the reasons Middlesex 3 communities work well together is we are connected through organizations like the M3 Coalition, chambers of commerce, and regional planning organizations that help create a cooperative and collaborative environment, helping the region succeed as a whole.

What would you tell a company looking to move to the M3 region? Expect to find communities willing to help you find the right location for your business to succeed and offer assistance to help smooth the path of the permitting process. The depth and diversity of the skills found in our labor market combined with local universities and training resources ensure that key roles and positions at all levels in your organizations can be filled faster and with more capable employees.

The quality of life and unique characteristics of the communities in the M3 Region, including their schools and housing stock, helps employers with recruitment and retention.

What types of companies are your city or town looking to attract? The northern part of Tyngsborough’s commercial corridor along Middlesex Rd. is transforming into a destination for restaurant and entertainment-oriented businesses. New development projects along Westford Rd. have created additional opportunities, exposure and potential for amenities and small businesses near the Westford border and Tyngsborough’s Senior Center. Tyngsborough has a combination of undeveloped land, commercial property, and a high concentration of skilled labor that offers companies in manufacturing, technical assembly, trades, and the expanding cannabis industry opportunities that are unique in our region. The Economic Development Office is available to help find the right location in Tyngsborough for your business.



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