Modern Metal Solutions and Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company join forces

July 03, 2013 - Owners Developers & Managers

Modern Metal Solutions (MMS) and Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCo) have joined forces to provide architects, construction managers, builders and owners a more efficient method of integrating high quality custom metal fabrications into their projects. Feature stairs, stainless steel windows and custom aesthetic metal fabrications are some of the most difficult components for builders to implement. It is this very difficulty that generates a high demand for the services of MMS.
Unique architectural and ornamental metals often pose challenges to both architects and builders. These artistic and highly customized structures require extreme attention to engineering and design details. Furthermore, well coordinated communication among and between architect, engineer, construction manager, general contractor and subcontractors must be handled by a metals expert or an expensive finished metal assembly may not install properly on site. Fabricating and installation mistakes result in higher costs, finger pointing and construction delays. MMS can assure a successful outcome from the architectural design to the finished installation of complex architectural metal work.
Christopher Aubrey formed MMS when he knew his drafting-detailing and communication skills would be needed more in the area of architectural metal consulting and project management. In January of 2012, he launched MMS to serve a niche with high demand for his expertise.
By forming a strategic alliance with GMFCo, the most diversified and responsive metal fabricator in the Northeast, MMS is a potent force for architects and high end builders to tap. The timing for this new alliance was ideal for GMFCo. Company president Jack Gilchrist was looking to expand his company's architectural metals business and offered Chris Aubrey space in one of his facilities to set up shop. He's glad he did. "From day one, Chris brought new architectural work to GMFCo and the projects moved like a hot knife through butter." Subsequently, these closely collaborating firms have strengthened each other with greater capabilities and mutual new business. As the architectural arm of GMFCo, MMS is already advancing best practices in the architectural metals industry. MMS has assembled a team of architectural metal and fabrication professionals under the same roof. From consulting with architects, engineers and building teams to manufacturing and installing custom architectural fabrications, there is now one company that specializes in the most difficult metal work. Numerous projects throughout the country have been more efficiently built using this new work flow model.
Modern Metal Solutions is a single source architectural metal fabrication specialist. We detail, manage, fabricate and pre-construct the most challenging architectural metal structures and assemblies.


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