New England Condo Conference & Expo October 26th at Burlington Marriott

October 04, 2019 - Owners Developers & Managers

Burlington, MA The New England Chapter of CAI will host the annual Condo Conference and Expo, dedicated solely to the unique needs of condominium associations and their professional managers on October 26th at the Burlington Marriott. This year’s all day event with expanded education will include a number of informational seminars and panel discussions, as well as a sold out exhibit hall featuring a variety of industry businesses that work with and understand the management, financial and maintenance issues facing New England condominiums. Participating speakers and exhibitors will provide answers to questions challenging managers and their association boards and offer insight into what’s on the horizon for New England condominiums. 

In addition to association managers, each year the conference & expo brings together hundreds of board members from communities of all sizes. Set for Saturday, October 26th at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm the conference will include breakfast, lunch and free parking. For more information and to register visit or call 781-237-9020 x10.

Panel Discussions and Presentations

Experienced industry practitioners will present programs addressing the most pressing issues facing condominium associations and the professionals who work with them, while panel forums will provide a more interactive exchange and debate of specific audience questions and concerns. Challenged with complex questions and ill prepared to address them; seeking understanding of changes in federal as well as state laws and legal debates that are transforming the landscape of association management, rules and regulations; condo professionals and boards more than ever before are looking for answers and direction. The ever popular legal panels with seasoned condominium attorneys will answer specific questions and explain what managers and associations should do in every day common and not so common situations.

In addition to the 9:00 am – 3:00 pm educational offerings and trade show, the CAI New England Chapter Emerging Leaders Network Committee (ELN) will sponsor a post-conference networking reception from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm which is open and free to all conference attendees. The reception provides an opportunity to meet and mingle with professionals new to the industry as well as experienced condominium practitioners.

Exhibit Hall and Professional Advice

Condominium business partners from a wide variety of industries will participate in a sold out exhibit hall answering questions and offering solutions to everyday problems and concerns ranging from asphalt to windows and contracts to complaints. All the professional one-on-one advice and expert resources you need for your community can be found at the expo.

Association Security Programs: Issues around security can become a hot button in communities as they can have both legal and financial implications and ramifications. Speakers will discuss the 3 components of a security program: staffing, technology, policies and procedures. Find out how to implement a security program in your community and understand the role of the board and residents.

Short Term Rentals in Condominiums : Online vacation rental sites and others are changing how associations manage and regulate short-term rentals and leasing restrictions. Discover their impact on communities, owners, FHA financing as well as changes in state and local regulations related to short-term rentals. 

Transition – Before, During and After: An update and overview of important issues to address at the time of transition of the board from developer to unit owner control. The session will offer a check list of best practices for homeowners to consider and evaluate before, during and after unit owners assume control of the association. 

Maintenance, Reserves & Project Management: To preserve the value of your community, maintenance should be performed by planning and not by default – What will be needed and when? And if repairs or replacements have already been identified understand how to get the project off the ground, secure the best price and ensure the job is done right the first time. 

Board Governance & Elections: Good governance is the cornerstone of effective association boards and well managed communities. From policies and procedures to roles and responsibilities, discover best practices to keep boards and board members on track.

Handling Conflicts in Communities: Federal regulations may hold associations liable for the actions of residents who harass or create a ‘hostile environment’ for other residents. Learn what constitutes ‘hostile environment’ and understand the obligations of the board in dealing with disputes. 

Marijuana in Condominiums: Boards and managers are addressing more questions and concerns about marijuana in units and common areas. From legal questions surrounding the adoption of rules, to insurance risks related to growing. Find out how to best navigate these challenges with practical solutions.

Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications: Requests for “accommodations” and “modifications” continue to challenge boards and managers. The legalization of marijuana and requests for “emotional support” animals, have made an already complicated area more complex. Discover best practices for managing requests and the best strategies for avoiding the liability risks they create. 

When & How to Revise Documents: Rewriting governing documents can be cumbersome and costly – but understanding how to “triage” documents to identify potential problem areas and incorporate provisions to reflect new industry standards may be more cost effective. Learn how to work with your community to identify and implement necessary or useful changes without breaking the bank.

For more information about registration fees and schedule contact the chapter office at 781-237-9020 x10 or



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