Network Framing Solutions provides prefab cold form steel using FRAMECAD

August 16, 2019 - Construction Design & Engineering

Plainville, CT Network Framing Solutions (NFS) is a new manufacturer of prefabricated cold form steel using FRAMECAD design and build system.

Prefabrication is a significant and growing trend in construction that is predicted to grow by 6.9% per year and hit $157 billion by 2023 according to Construction Dive. NFS is one of the only manufacturers of FRAMECAD cold form steel assemblies in the Northeast. The advanced production system is fast, efficient, and precise with pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-dimpled, pre-labeled, and pre-assembled structural frame packages delivered to job sites throughout New England.

NFS was established in 2018 by Melissa Sheffy, president and founder of Network Interiors, a commercial metal framing and drywall company.

“The construction industry is fast-paced and time-driven. Time is literally money, and building in New England is challenging,” said Sheffy. “As the owner of Network Interiors, we understood the needs of building owners to embrace prefabbed construction methods to speed construction. We created Network Framing to provide superior service to our construction partners.”

The NFS factory is centrally located and operates two FRAMECAD machines with a capacity to produce up to 2,300 linear feet of CFS studs per day with virtually no waste. The studs are assembled in-house into panels for load-bearing and non-load bearing walls, floor joists, roofs and trusses, and ceilings.

Thanks to the strategic relationship with Network Interiors, NFS also offers the capability to install the prefabricated framing with licensed and experienced carpenters. The relationship also works both ways to provide valuable feedback on job site performance to improve the manufacturing process.

Together, Network Framing and Network Interiors have completed 11 projects in Connecticut and Rhode Island in 10 months since September 2018.



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