New England Sealcoating can now work in cooler weather conditions

August 02, 2019 - Owners Developers & Managers

Hingham, MA In the past, to apply sealcoating material to pavement, temperatures needed to be 55 degrees and rising for a minimum of 24 hours. This is not air temperatures but the actual pavements temperature. This is a big difference, particularly in northern states like those in New England. The sealcoating season is very short due to the temperature restrictions. Companies that manufacture sealcoating products like Neyra Industries and Gemseal, have developed a cool weather sealcoating formula for both of its coal tar Tarconite (Tarconite Plus) and it’s petroleum resin sealer Neyra Force (Cool weather formula). The sealer can now be applied when the pavement temperatures are in the low 40’s and still provide all the protections and wear-ability of the conventional sealers. Good drying conditions are required, which includes sunny days and less humidity. Temperatures above 40 degrees are required for 8 hours after the sealer has been applied and no pavement temperature should go below 40 degrees for a period of 48 hours after the applications. In these cooler temperatures, the sealer will take longer to dry, especially in shaded areas that do not get a lot of sunlight.

These new sealers have now allowed sealcoating to start earlier in the year and end later in the year without sacrificing quality or protection. The longevity of these new sealcoating products have been the same as conventional sealcoating materials. The pavement industry is making strides to get the most out of the weather conditions in the northern states by developing products that can withstand cooler temperatures.

New England Sealcoating offers many options for sealcoating products and is always on the cutting edge of new products hitting the market.



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