Paragon Boardwalk: A 3.5 acre beachfront family destination that promotes activity and fun

March 06, 2020 - Spotlights



Hull, MA We are creating the most iconic family friendly beach destination in New England with an emphasis on fun, entertainment, wellness, art and lifestyle in an affordable and approachable environment. The complex was renamed Paragon Boardwalk in 2017 and is comprised of 3.5 acres of beachfront property on a portion of Paragon Park that thrived for years as the premiere vacation destination for Greater Boston until it abruptly closed in the 1980s. 

For the past two seasons we have operated a modern beach arcade, mini-golf and food service on the property and have discovered a community that wanted to spend time in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. 

The overall ethos of the Boardwalk is a family destination that promotes activity and fun. 

The best comparison can be drawn from successful ski resorts where the activity is the main attraction but guests are encouraged to eat, drink and play. 



With an expansion to be completed in spring 2020, Paragon Boardwalk will be positioned as the premiere complex to gather, eat, and play, with an expansive indoor dining hall, multiple bars, a state of the art expanded redemption arcade, a lighted 18-hole mini-golf course, indoor and outdoor stages for live music performance and the spacious open-air boardwalk that will have an area for adults with fire pits, bocce ball, volleyball and more. 

There will also be a section geared towards kids that features picnic tables, playground elements, a tree house and climbing structures. 

The food options on the Boardwalk are fresh and simple classic beach fare. This coming season they will range from traditional boardwalk fare and treats to a variety of ethnic cuisines and enhanced food options with rotating food trucks. 

In addition to the many entertainment options, an emphasis will be placed on activating a health and wellness program under the new “Paragon Board Club”. This will be a seasonal and daily membership club offering yoga classes, beach workouts, volleyball leagues, watersports meetups and classes, board storage, group paddles and other active events. 

In the past couple of years we have seen Nantasket Beach come alive and are looking forward to expanding our community and bringing forward new options where people of all ages can enjoy their time with family and friends.




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