Pare Corporation promotes DeCosta, Thies, Rongione, McCoy, Lopes, Prasad and Shanks

September 13, 2019 - Rhode Island
Kenneth DeCosta,
Pare Corp.


Timothy Thies,
Pare Corp.


Michael Rongione,
Pare Corp.


Ryan McCoy,
Pare Corp.


Samuel Lopes, 
Pare Corp.


Harsha Prasad,
Pare Corp.


Heather Shanks,
Pare Corp.


Lincoln, RI Pare Corporation, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and planning firm, has promoted seven. Each of these individuals exemplifies the Pare culture in their commitment to giving back to the community and in their dedication to each project on behalf of our clients. 

• Kenneth DeCosta, P.E. has been promoted to chief operating officer for Pare Corp. Over the 26 years that he has been at Pare, DeCosta has gained a broad range of experience in the industry. As COO, he will be responsible for leading company initiatives, including the implementation of strategies and policies, contract administration, IT, CAD, and Health and Safety.

• Timothy Thies, P.E., has been promoted to senior vice president and division manager for the environmental division. Since being hired at Pare in 2002, he has steadily increased his responsibility with significant roles in design and management on numerous projects, especially water, wastewater, hazardous waste, and solid waste engineering.

• Michael Rongione, P.E. has been promoted to senior vice president and division manager for the civil division. His experience has encompassed structural design of numerous educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, public safety buildings, and pharmaceutical complexes.  With Rongione’s leadership, the building structures group has significantly grown since he joined the civil division in 2004.  In addition to structural design work and project management, he has taken on leadership roles within the firm. 

• Ryan McCoy, P.E., has been promoted to managing engineer in the geotechnical division. Since 2007 when McCoy was hired as an engineer, he has increasingly focused on marine/waterfront projects, such as commercial and public fishing piers, ferry terminals, marinas, and eroded riverbanks. He is currently managing a diverse array of waterfront projects from conceptual design through permitting and construction, incorporating resilient design techniques and green infrastructure. 

• Samuel Lopes, P.E., has been promoted to senior project engineer within the transportation division. He has been instrumental in helping the growth of the transportation division where he is responsible for the development of roadway plans and traffic control plans, drainage designs, traffic and parking studies, and bike path designs.

• Harsha Prasad has been promoted to Engineer II in the environmental division. Since coming to Pare in 2016, he has been a key member of the environmental division through demonstrating strong organizational skills, reliability, and personal initiative. Over the last three years, Prasad has spent much of his time in the field collecting data, conducting multi-media sampling, and performing site delineations for many of Pare’s environmental projects throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.  

• Heather Shanks has been promoted to Engineer II in the geotechnical division. She has been performing at a high level as an engineer since joining the firm in 2017. She has demonstrated a commitment to detail, as well as an understanding of the importance of her professional duties during her tireless work on the NBC Phase III CSO geotechnical program. 



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