Peabody Properties attains $15.845 million in no-cost energy retrofits for its portfolio

April 05, 2019 - Green Buildings

Braintree, MA Peabody Properties has attained a no-cost energy retrofits throughout its portfolio of managed communities as a result of recent retrofitting projects.

Combined, these efforts equal $15.845 million in no-cost energy retrofits, and millions of dollars in energy savings, which have been passed on to Peabody Properties’ communities and residents, as well as reinvested into other energy-efficient efforts for additional savings and lessened environmental impact.  Additionally, the owners of these properties have also realized positive impacts to their bottom lines.

These retrofits are the result of positive, established working relationships with many Massachusetts-based groups whose missions are focused around bettering the lives of affordable housing residents throughout the state through energy improvements.  In particular, Peabody Properties has worked with the Low Income Multi-Family Retrofit Program (LEAN), and specifically the team at ABCD, led by Ken Rauseo, to secure these equipment retrofits that provide better functionality with reduced energy usage.

“We recognize our duty to be fiscally responsible, as well as energy conscious, throughout our communities,” said Scott Ployer, vice president of facilities and capital planning for Peabody Properties.  “The success we have seen within PPI in energy conversation would not have been possible without these partnerships, which have bettered the lives of our residents while producing substantial savings and a more positive environmental impact.” 



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