Product of the Month: Mass. and N.Y. commercial concrete slabs are made beautiful with RenuKrete

April 02, 2021 - Owners Developers & Managers

Boston, MA When considering floor coverings for new or existing commercial structures such as building lobbies, retail, apartment buildings and more, cost estimators in New York and New England typically focus on the usual options: tile, carpeting, Terrazzo, vinyl, composite tile, and even paint, among others. 

In existing commercial spaces where a new tenant might be moving in or renovations to the lobby are being made, choosing a floor covering might be among the biggest costs in the property owner’s budget.

Like any other undertaking where worker time, materials and budget can come into conflict, anywhere that a cost estimator can save money is a good thing. 

RENUKRETE makes poured concrete look like tile, slate, flagstone and more.
When it comes to deciding which floor covering products to choose, RENUKRETE makes the decision easier for estimators by eliminating other floor coverings altogether and replacing them with a flooring solution that is designer-quality, long-lasting, and more cost effective: RENUKRETE’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF).

RENUKRETE’s patented ECF technologies and processes artistically sculpt and tint concrete slabs to render new formations that can be made to look just like natural slate, tile, flagstone, granite and even hardwood planks. Anywhere there is a bare concrete floor either newly poured or already existing, RENUKRETE can apply its patented technology to that concrete slab to make it into something new, beautiful, durable and economical. Can be used in the following:

• Office buildings

• Retail stores

• Apartment buildings

• Supermarkets

• Banks

• Department stores

• Mixed-use

• Hospitality

• Medical offices

• Restaurants

• Houses of worship

• Theaters and more. 

RENUKRETE uncovers concrete’s versatility in amazing ways.
In the vast majority of modern commercial buildings, concrete floors are required to be used on all floors due to the improved fire rating, strength and longevity of concrete compared to other materials. In addition, horizontal concrete is typically used in basement or first floor slab installations of residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings all over the world.

Rather than covering up these concrete slabs with expensive floor coverings that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, RENUKRETE can reveal concrete’s true decorative possibilities by using cutting-edge, proprietary technology to sculpt a distinctive floor installation design right into the existing concrete, saving property owners significant dollars in the process. 

Using RENUKRETE also means your building will be reducing its carbon imprint on the environment when compared to the emissions that are involved with manufacturing, distributing, delivering and installing other floor coverings. 

And unlike carpeting which can quickly look worn, stained and haggard in a heavily trafficked commercial space, or tiles which can easily break or crack if struck by a dropped tool or object, low maintenance RENUKRETE ECF repels all kinds of stains and abrasions and is particularly well-suited to office building lobbies and anywhere else where UV resistance is important.

RENUKRETE ECF restores existing worn and unsafe concrete pool decks, too.
RENUKRETE first developed its technology to restore existing residential and multi-unit concrete pool decks, patios and walkways to new life. The results were met with such great enthusiasm and acclaim that the company expanded its product offerings to include the same processes applied to concrete slabs in commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties inside and out. 

For multi-family apartment buildings with one or more pools and old, stained and cracked concrete pool decks, RENUKRETE’s ECF is a much better solution when compared to overlays, which can be slippery, or demolition, which is a bad idea even as a last resort in terms of carbon output, damage to pool integrity, and destroyed landscaping.

Furthermore, the risks of demolition are even greater when you consider the contractor doing the demo work has little idea of what lies beneath the concrete—like pipes, for instance. As some property owners have learned the hard way, the plumbing for pools is no match for an errant backhoe bucket or pneumatic jackhammer with a drill bit. 

RENUKRETE’s process of restoring the existing concrete slabs makes much better sense in terms of the speed of the process, the cost-effectiveness when compared to other less durable alternatives, and the long-lasting beauty of an existing concrete deck that has been transformed into something new and totally different. 

Before you cover your concrete floors, call RENUKRETE for indoor/outdoor concrete beautification.

Floor coverings are expensive. Every commercial property owner, architect, cost estimator and property manager has to find new ways to keep budgets in line without skimping on materials or workmanship. When it comes to commercial flooring, RENUKRETE provides the answer for many of them. By eliminating the need for additional floor coverings, RENUKRETE is the cost-effective alternative for estimators who need to deliver their project on time and within budget. 

If your project is in the Massachusetts or Greater New York areas, and you’d like to request a meeting to discuss an estimate for your current or future commercial building or flooring renovation project, call RENUKRETE at (800) 406-5010. 



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