Professional §1031 services: IPX1031® offers an array of professional services beyond the basics

March 07, 2013 - Financial Digest

Patricia Flowers, IPX1031

Most often my NEREJ articles focus on a specific topic or change in the IRC Regulations with regards to Tax Deferred Exchanges. Many understand that as Qualified Intermediary we act as a third party to move net proceeds from a taxpayer's sale to their purchase. However some may not realize that IPX1031® offers an array of professional services beyond the basics.
Eye on Washington: New for 2013 - think there is no need to exchange? Think again...with the new tax laws investors will be paying close to 1/3 of their gain in taxes. Section 1031 is more valuable now than ever! We track case law and legislation to give our clients the most up-to-date information available.
Structuring Guidance: We at IPX1031® are the "advisor to the advisors," working in conjunction with a client's tax and legal advisors to navigate the specifics of the code, applying it to everyday business scenarios. As an industry leader, we offer creative tax strategies with proven solutions for building wealth, preserving profits and maximizing investment dollars.
Interactive Website: allows advisors and investors to access reference material and open a new account online, as well as calculate exchange deadlines and estimate capital gains tax.
Education: Our local sales and legal staff are guest lecturers for firms, private groups and professional associations. We provide accredited courses for CLE, CPE and RE continuing education credits. Those in corporate, estate planning, financial, real estate and tax fields all benefit from the knowledge gained.
Webinars: Twice monthly IPX1031® offers Introduction to Exchanging and Advanced Issues/Updates webinars. These courses provide attendees with a strong foundation and working knowledge for use in their day-to-day business.
Personal Property & Multiple Assets: Taxpayers selling multiple asset property such as hotels, restaurants or gas stations may need to structure several exchanges to accommodate equipment or other property that is held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment. Additionally, charter boats, fishing vessels, planes, cars, trucks, construction or agriculture equipment, artwork and collections, as well as intangible property, such as franchise licenses, broadcast spectrums or copyrights qualify in this category.
Reverse Exchanges: Our specialized reverse division works with clients to gain more flexibility within regulated timelines through a reverse exchange, which may be the answer if the investor finds new replacement property first and must close before the other property sells; or if the property being sold fails to close on time and the new property purchase cannot be postponed.
Construction/Improvement Exchanges: A dedicated improvement division structures build-to-suit exchanges, giving taxpayers the opportunity to use sale proceeds tax-deferred to either renovate an existing property or construct new improvements on raw land as part of their replacement property purchase.
Safety & Security of Funds: A matter of paramount importance - IPX1031® offers a written third party corporate performance guarantee, $100 million fidelity bond and $30 million professional liability insurance. Along with the financial strength and resources of our parent company, Fidelity National Financial, funds will be safe, secure, and available when needed.
IPX1031® - Your Complete Information Resource: For over two decades tens of thousands of clients and their advisors have depended upon Investment Property Exchange to help them realize the benefits of a §1031 Exchange. Let us go to work for you!
Patricia Flowers is vice president for Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031®), Boston, Mass.


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