Professional Profile: Anamaria Popescu 2018

Anamaria Popescu - 2018

Name: Anamaria Popescu - 2018

Title: Director

Company: Construction Practice of Berkeley Research Group

Location: CT

Birthplace: N/A

As an engineer, a construction manager and an arbitrator, where did you begin?

My father taught me scheduling when I was 12 for a middle school math project.  Encouraged by him, and in order to be self-sufficient as a woman, I received my BS in Civil Engineering then an MS in Linear Scheduling and a PhD in Forensic Delay Analysis.  

How did you start your International practice? 

 I moved to Australia for 2 years to work for an international claims firm, exposing me to projects throughout Australia and the world, as well as exposure to international law firms. My Spanish speaking skills led to the opportunity to work on South American projects mainly in Brazil and Colombia.

What are the greatest challenges you find between large complex 

projects in the U.S. vs. International? 

Contractors from different countries and cultures caused documentation sharing between the parties very difficult. Language barriers, lack of proper schedules, schedule software and overall poor documentation causes a “lost in translation” issue. 

How do you balance your personal 

and professional life with continued success?  

I work out every morning, eat healthy and I try to get out in nature, hiking or skiing with the family to give my brain time to reset.

Who inspires you?

My father. He came to this country with a little more than a suitcase in his hand and little of the English language, but he persevered becoming a very respected and loved professor by his students. From him I learned that education, self-sufficiency and perseverance are most important.