Professional Profile: Bob Danziger 1973

Bob Danziger - 1973

Name: Bob Danziger - 1973

Title: Founder

Company: Northland Investment Corp.

Location: Newtonville, Mass.

Birthplace: Newton, Mass.

Bob Danziger, 38, founder of Northland Investment Corp. of Newtonville, Mass., offiers Tri-State brokers an urban office through which to market their listings, and conversely, offers urban buyers access to select Tri-State proeperties without having to travel all over the Tri-State area. Danziger, who spent virtually every summer of his life in northern New England, said he hit upon the unique idea of offering an urban office to city buyers who would like to own land in the country, but who found it difficult to take time to seek out quality property, when friends repeatedly queried him about investment opportunities in the Tri-State. Accordingly, in late 1970, he set up Northland Investment Corp. which, although situated in Boston, deals solely in the Tri-State area. Danziger, through his office, offers buyers a wide selection of property which Northland personnel have personally check to assure its suitability for medium or long-term investments. Northland becomes totally familiar with any property listed through it by a wide network of Tri-State brokers. Danziger emphasizes that Northland does not encourage any buyer to purchase sight unseen. On the contrary, before any sale is closed, Northland arranges for the client to personally check out the prospective purchase. In addition to cobroking land, Northland also on occasion acts as principal, buying property for resale. Danziger pointed out, however, that thousands of acres purchased and then sold during the past two years, virtually every tract was resold through the same broker from whom Northland bought it. Danziger, a Newton, Mass. Native, got into the real estate business through working as marketing vice president for Mister Donut in the 1960s. During his time there, he traveled around the nation helping set franchises. When he left the firm, he had seen the chain grow from 30 outlets to 300 in 40 states. After leaving Mr. Donut, he worked as vice president of Mutual Enterprises, a publically held real estate developing and marketing firm. While at Mutual, he conceived Northland. Danziger, who is a Dartmouth College graduate and holds a masters degree in Business Administration from there, is concerned about preserving the environment of the north country. He has a home in Wolfboro, N.H. where he enjoys skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer with his wife Sara and two children, Joan, 13, and Bruce, 11. He is actively involved in the field of education. Not only is he a visiting lecturer at both Harvard and Dartmouth on real estate, but Northland runs seminars on how to buy land in the Tri-State area. Danzinger is a member of the executive committee of the New England division of the American Land Development Association.