Professional Profile: Brooks Clinton 1967

Brooks Clinton - 1967

Name: Brooks Clinton - 1967

Title: Founder, Realtor

Company: A. Clinton Brooks & Co.

Location: Chatham, Mass.

Birthplace: New York, 1915

Clinton Brooks 1967 Education: Babson Institute 20 years and $150 million later, A. Clinton Brooks is busier than ever before managing a real estate office. “Many told me I was crazy to close my successful operation in Needham in 1961 and move to the Cape, but in the back of my mind I had the idea that someday I would like to retire here and why not explore the area.” 1967 should bring the Cape Cod Brooks office its first million dollar year.
  1. Clinton Brooks has had an interesting background involved mainly in management training. After several years with IBM and Standard Register Company as a salesman, Brooks became an efficiency supervisor for a firm in Groton, Conn. The War Manpower Commission put him to work in 1943 at training industrial foremen, and in 1945 the Bridgeport Brass Co. made him training director.
“In 1948 I moved to my family’s hometown of Wellesley, Mass. Where I answered a newspaper ad looking for a man who had supervising experience. I was hired to work with Town & Country, a residential real estate firm that billed over $1 million per month. In July of 1949, I mortgaged my home and opened my own office in Needham, which I sold in 1965. I built my organization to seven offices and 27 salesmen and for 3 years running did over $3 million. It finally got to a point where I personally was not making any more money by having so many offices, so in 1961, I closed all my branches and in 1963 opened a new office in Chatham on Cape Cod.” Handling all aspects of real estate including appraising (with Elbridge Thompson, MAI) Clinton has 4 salesmen and is more active than ever before. A Realtor, Brooks is married with two daughters. His spare time is spent in civic activities such as Kiwanis and the local yacht club where he participates in his first love, boating. This week he graduated from a 20-footer to a 27foot cruiser. “I have always tried to work hard on human relations and I believe it has paid off for me. I spend more time trying to make my employees satisfied than I do on myself. I have always worked with my competitors. A man who works hard in this area has to do the business. There is only one Cape Cod and only so much coastline.