Professional Profile: Clarence Dohoney 1965

Clarence Dohoney - 1965

Name: Clarence Dohoney - 1965

Title: N/A

Company: Clarence Dohoney Realty

Location: Pittsfield, Mass.

Birthplace: Amenia, N.Y., 1901

Education: Russell Sage College; University of Connecticut (for real estate courses) Mr. Dohoney covers New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Virgin Islands. He specialty is promotional brokerage and appraising. After managing a car garage in Manhattan, in 1940 he became a licensed pilot and aerial photographer. With this experience he joined the Flight Test Crew in Michigan, which worked as a civilian unit producing B-24’s, the “Work Horse of WW II.” It was then that Mr. Dohoney began her real estate career in Lee, Mass., selling resort properties in his own firm. In 1955, he began developing Banana Bay in the Virgin Islands, and he says, “The project was doing so well, that my first customer bought me out entirely.” It was Mr. Dohoney who gambled on “wild scrub land and a muddy pond” to become an eventual development. Today, it is the valuable property of Lake Lee. His best years as an appraiser was in 1958. “This was due to the development of the Mass. Turnpike, in which I did a lot testifying,” he said. Currently, Mr. Dohoney is interested in developing the British Virgin Islands. He summed up his feelings on the industry in saying, “Real estate is the most dramatic and interesting business there is.”