Professional Profile: Connor Read 2021

Connor Read

Name: Connor Read

Title: Town Administrator

Company: Town of Easton

Location: Easton


What should developers know about the process when working with your community? Easton welcomes investment in the community and is committed to making the project approval process smooth and predictable. We suggest early communications with the Town Administrator and Planning Director to discuss and provide feedback on projects before the application process begins. We encourage a Design Review Team meeting with staff from relevant town departments prior to application submittal in order to identify issues and concerns before finalizing designs and to assure positive outcomes for the developers and the town. The approval process is further facilitated by Easton’s web-based online permitting system which allows all applications and supporting documents to be submitted online.

Are there any areas within your communities that you are looking to draw investment? Easton’s major commercial areas, comprised of the Queset Commercial District at the intersection of Belmont St. and Rte. 138, Five-Corners, between Foundry Str. and Eastman St., and the North Easton Village, historically developed along its arterial corridors. Significant infrastructure investments and modernized zoning are attracting new development that includes housing, restaurants and businesses, and promises economic growth, while preserving Easton’s small-town character.

?Why should developers look to your town? Easton’s historic past, expanses of protected open space, and small-town feel attract residents seeking a high quality of life that includes access to amenities and services.