Professional Profile: David Vanderbilt 2016

David Vanderbilt - 2016

Name: David Vanderbilt - 2016

Title: Co-Owner

Company: Coastal Windows and Exteriors

Location: Beverly, MA

Birthplace: Ramsey, NJ

Family: Wife Stephanie (co-owner)

First Job Unrelated to Field: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

First Job in Current Field: I was a salesperson for Statewide Home Improvement.

What Does Your Business Do Now, and What Are Your Plans for the Future: We continue to focus on education and our plans are to grow our Educational Outreach Team and do events with local towns about ways to save energy, home heating bills and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Hobbies: Boating

Favorite Novel: “Tom Sawyer”

Favorite Film: “Blade Runner”

Keys to Success: We believe in the power of partnerships and have worked to develop relationships among like-minded businesses with the belief that “a rising tide lifts all ships” to share the universal mission that businesses should work together for the good of their customers and one another

Role Model (outside of family): Tom Brady

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be: Forensic Scientist