Professional Profile: Donald MacKay 2019

Donald MacKay

Name: Donald MacKay

Title: President, Maine Chapter of The Appraisal Institute

Company: Forest Research and Valuation

Location: 20 Godfrey Dr., Orono, ME

Birthplace: Concord, MA

Family: Wife – Susan; daughter – Lydia; son – Stuart

College: BA Economics - William and Mary; MBA – Duke; PhD – University of Minnesota, Forestry

First job outside of appraisal: Buyer for Hallmark Cards

First job in appraisal or allied field: Sewall Company in Maine – Appraiser

What do you do now and what are you planning for the future: Upgrade educational programs; investigate new technology – i.e. aerial drone class; update regulatory changes

Hobbies: Hiking; outdoor activities

Favorite book: “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula LeGuin

Favorite movie: “The Trouble with Harry”

Key to success: Learning – education is key

If you were forced to choose another vocation what would it be? Investment – Private Equity