Professional Profile: Francis DiPrete 1981

Francis DiPrete - 1981

Name: Francis DiPrete - 1981

Title: N/A

Company: Frank A. DiPrete Realty

Location: Cranston, RI

Birthplace: N/A

Francis DiPrete, in his capacity of administrative assistant, is one of the newest members of the family to join the 60 year old DiPrete Agency. While Mr. DiPrete is the product of an extraordinarily diverse background, in his nine months with the firm, he has adapted his many talents to the field of real estate and insurance. The DiPrete Agency has operated in the city of Cranston for many decades, originally as home builders and residential developers. As Frank DiPrete’s sons joined the business, the scope of the company’s dealings broadened. Walter DiPrete, president of the company, specializes in the field of appraisals. Another son, Edward, pursued the area of insurance and increased that aspect of the family business until he was elected mayor of Cranston in 1978. With a new decade and a new member of the family added to the business, another area of concentration can be developed. While Francis DiPrete is learning the essentials of all aspects of the business, having obtained real estate sales agent’s and insurance broker’s licenses, concentration has been in the field of commercial real estate. Mr. DiPrete works closely with sales manager Robert Cooke on land sales, syndication concepts, promotional campaigns and agent training. Francis DiPrete applied his business attitude to the events in his own life. Currently he is restoring a 50 year old waterfront home in the historic section of Warwick. In the meantime, and when not working on real estate, he acts as consultant in the restaurant industry, his previous forte. This he still considers his hobby, hoping to soon buy an interest in a new concept for an area tavern. One thing is for sure – The tradition of cautions growth and diversification will continue at the DiPrete Agency. One finds the attitude in their office to be a friendly one of the corporation. As Mr. DiPrete notes, “The reason why we’ve been here so long is because we know and trust the people we work with.”