Professional Profile: George Rugman 1966

George Rugman - 1966

Name: George Rugman - 1966

Title: Head-teller

Company: South Shore National Bank

Location: Quincy, Mass.

Birthplace: Weymouth, Mass. 1923

Education: Norfolk County Agricultural High School; University of Mass.; attending graduate school at Stonier Banking School of Rutgers University While Attending school, George joined the South Shore National Bank as a teller. “I enjoyed accounting and my mother had one time been with the bank.” George’s duties were interrupted in 1942 by the Air Force, seeing service in the Pacific as a Radar Operator. South Shore welcomed him back in 1946; and by 1949 he was named head-teller. Today, Rugman is head of the mortgage department of a $126 million bank with a mortgage portfolio of over $17 million. “We have gone into this mortgage field with sizable commercial mortgages and are more interested in this type of business since the acquisition of the Wellesley National, which had been so successful in this field. For so many years this has been a conservative bank, that with the tight money situation, we find ourselves in good shape. We are interested in all commercial loans but apartment house developments and today are in a position to help our own customers in our own area.” George is married with five children, is chairman of the Weymouth United Fund and Treasurer of the March of Dimes; enjoys boating, fishing and hunting; but is a farmer at heart. “We live on a farm in Hanover and own one in Newcastle, Maine.”