Professional Profile: Gladys Donatelle 1966

Gladys Donatelle - 1966

Name: Gladys Donatelle - 1966

Title: N/A

Company: Galdys R. Donatelle Realtor

Location: N/A

Birthplace: N/A

Education: Portland High School; University of Maine The first woman president of the Greater Portland Realtor Board, Gladys Donatelle has already made several important strides forward, namely the Portland MLS. Which has failed once in the past. “This group won’t let it fall,” states Gladys. “It is an important service and must be offered in a growing area such as this.” Through her contractor husband’s urging, Gladys entered the real estate business in 1946, concentrating on investment and residential properties. “It was easy after the war – so many were in need of housing, I was just an order taker. During the past five years with Maine Turnpike we have found all aspects of the business pick up. There is no more order taking, nut, an intelligent Realtor can make a living.” Gladys finished the Am. Institute of Appraisal Courses I, II and IV at the University of Connecticut and Yale and acts as the only woman appraiser for the VA in the state. Chairman of the MLS, Gladys is an active mother of three and grandmother of three.