Professional Profile: James Olsen 2008

Jim Olsen - 2008

Name: Jim Olsen - 2008

Title: Senior Hydrogeologist

Company: Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Location: Middletown, CT

Birthplace: Windham, CT

Family: Brothers/sisters College: Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Connecticut; Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, University of New Haven First job unrelated to your current field: Firewood sales First job in current field: Field geologist for a firm in CT What your firm does now and plans for the future: I provide environmental assessment¬†and remediation services. We are expanding our service offerings in our Middletown office. Hobbies: Kayaking, fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding Favorite book: "Grapes of Wrath" Favorite movie: "Apocalypse Now" Keys to success: Motivation, positive attitude, communication with others. If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? Coast Guard