Professional Profile: Jennifer Shea 2018

Jennifer Shea - 2018

Name: Jennifer Shea - 2018

Title: Associate

Company: Patriquin Architects

Location: 20 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT

Birthplace: N/A

Education: BARC Wentworth Institute of Technology

Association member:  AIA, AIA CT

What was your first position/job in the A/E/C Industry? I was a drafter at a small office in my hometown working on local projects and renovations while I was still in school.

Why the A/E/C Industry? Architecture is something that we all have the opportunity to experience in our daily lives. So, as architects, we have the potential to impact a wide variety of building users and affect people’s actions, behaviors and emotions. This allows one to feel a personal connection to the architecture.

Advice/Keys to success: Love what you do.

Choose one word to explain why you do what you do, and why? Challenge: We are always looking for new and better ways of doing things

Company Bio: Patriquin Architects is an award-winning, full-service architectural design firm. We have a broad range of experience in institutional, commercial and residential projects and are committed to developing design solutions that are aesthetically elegant and environmentally sustainable. Our collaborative process builds consensus among clients, stakeholders, specialized consultants and our construction partners, allowing Patriquin Architects to deliver creative, successful and lasting designs.