Professional Profile: Joe Campanelli 1966

Joe Campanelli - 1966

Name: Joe Campanelli - 1966

Title: co-founder

Company: Campanelli Brothers

Location: Braintree, Mass.

Birthplace: Brockton, Mass. 1918

EDUCATION: Wentworth Institute In the mid 1940s Joe Campanelli and his three brothers, Mike, Nick and Alfred, joined forces, starting the real estate development firm known today, nationally, as Campanelli Brothers. For many years they devoted their efforts to residential construction, building over 1400 homes. In1961. Joe decided to investigate the commercial and industrial field„ while his brothers remained in the successful residential side of the firm. Today, the organization is quite proud of its commercial and Industrial projects with four industrial. parks and several shopping centers, with tenants such as F.W, Woolworth, W.T. Grant, Zayre, Kresge, Stop & Shop, and Garland Knitting to mention a few. This has been a big change from residential to industrial, but an exciting and enjoyable change for me," comments Joel who resides with his wife and children in a Campanelli built home in Brockton. Although he is an “around-the-clock worker”, Joe finds some time to boat and fish from his vacation home In Duxbury.