Professional Profile: Kenneth Taylor 2001

Kenneth Taylor - 2001

Name: Kenneth Taylor - 2001

Title: Principal and CEO

Company: Taylor & Partners, Ltd.

Location: Newport and Boston

Birthplace: Marthasville, Missouri – 1940

Family: Wife and son College: Washington University School of Architecture, BA – 1963; Washington University, BS – 1962 First job in real estate: Architect for Greater London Council (England) What do you do now, and what is your future plans? Principal architect and CEO for Taylor & Partners, Inc. Hobbies: Travel, photography, writing, garden design, painting, jewelry design and swimming. Favorite book: “Founding Fathers” Favorite movie: “Pay it Forward” Person you most admire: Thomas Jefferson Key to success: Ability to run a strong design practice for the benefit of business in a business-like fashion If you were to choose another vocation, what would it be? Writer or urban designer