Professional Profile: Malcolm Buchanan 1992

Malcolm Buchanan - 1992

Name: Malcolm Buchanan - 1992

Title: President

Company: Buchanan Appraisal Services, Inc.

Location: North Attleboro, Mass.

Birthplace: Boston, July 1936

Malcolm Buchanan 1992   Designation: SRA Birthplace and year: Boston, July 1936 Services: Real estate appraisal & consulting: residential, commercial, industrial, subdivision analysis, environmental (firm founded in 1980) Clients: Major and minor corporations, developers, banks and government Most interesting appraisal: Properties with environmental problems. Most difficult: Relocation assignments. Most bizarre: For a national company on Nantucket. Half a barn was converted for residence and the other half was used for livestock. One door in the master bedroom, which I thought would lead to a closet opened to a barn stall which was at that time occupied by a bull, who was not happy to see me. Business philosophy: Quality appraising at reasonable prices. Establishing an organization that can meet this goal Current business/future changes: Real estate market reflects improvement with the greatest in 1993. Best investment in current markets are good older residential income property which will have dramatic appreciation in the mid 1990s